Vitha No.3

Vitha No.3

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The Seven Wonders Eau De Parfum series is formulated according to the ancient wisdom where the day, planet, plant, and human are all percieved to be linked as one big consciousness.

  • Formulated by ancient concoctions of astrological philosophy with the aroma corresponding from astrology planets.
  • Carefully crafted from the highest grade of natural ingredients.
  • Not merely a scent but an aroma with great benefits and activation of energy aura.

Wednesday is linked with the planet Mercury. Mercury in our body system is situated at our Throat Chakra, Vidshuddha.

This secret and sacral formulation of ingredients used are specially blended to connect with our Throat Chakra and the energy of Wednesday.

Mercury rules communication and is called the messenger of the Gods. It gives a keen versatile mind, wit and mental resourcefulness.

The aroma provides energy for great communication and expression. It helps to manifests our inner feelings to the outside world.

Its fresh aroma of Bittersweet Orange, with a hint of Lavender, enriched with Honey suckle and uplifted with Rosemary & Fennel, activates the Throat Chakra with the energy of Wednesday.

Available in 30ml or 10ml