Electric Ceramic Incense Burner

Electric Ceramic Incense Burner

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Set Contents:

One electric ceramic incense burner, complete with an on/off switch, timing and temperature adjusting function. Set of metallic tongs to help you safely place and shift incense on the burner. Metal cup to help you burn any liquid or incense. Ceramic empty bottle for storing your favourite powder.

High burning temperature suitable for essential oils, incense powder and wood pieces. Enjoy Aromatic Incense Therapy conveniently, burn your favourite incense powder any time!

Color : Brown
Material: Ceramic
Voltage: 220V
Lighting: White light glows up when the burner is turned on

Temperature adjustment range: freely adjustable between 50°C -250°C and can be timed for 1-6 hours.

Caution / Safe usage:

Please note that the upper metallic part of the burner should not be touched as it will get hot with use. Should be used under adult supervision away from the reach of children and pets. Keep well away from loose hanging curtains or any other material that may get burned or catch fire if in too close proximity.